Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Toddler Lessons for Tuesday - Art/Craft

Our Thanksgiving Art/Craft for kids today is a wonderful leaf picture!

Yesterday we collected some pretty Autumn leaves from our yard (we were lucky enough to have a huge collection to pick from LOL!). Today we are going to use the leaves in our Autumn picture.

We have some construction paper (yellow and orange), some leaves, a pen and a pair of scissors.

First we draw on our butterfly body.

Then we cut off the stems from the leaves.

Next we put some glue onto the paper where we want our "wings" to go.

And finally we stick on our leaf wings onto the picture.


Our Autumn picture gets put up on our "drawing board" with our other Fall/Thanksgiving pictures. Here are some other great ideas - a Turkey picture using feathers (from WalMart in their craft section), a camp fire (using hand cut-outs as the flames), and coloring pages (ours was a turkey, but find others by google searching Thanksgiving coloring pages).

Have fun!

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