Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toddler Play & Learn Lesson Plan

Toddler Play & Learn

With an (almost) three year old and an (almost) one year old at home (me being a stay-at-home mom) I needed a lesson plan for our activities. I have a collection of "toddler activity" books and access to the internet but cannot find one central place where it all comes together. So here it is - my attempt to put together some sort of coherent "toddler play & learn" lesson plan.

My main aim is to encourage a love of learning, get my kids ready for school and have fun, in conjunction with maintaining a lesson plan that is manageable, easy to do and costs very little (or nothing wherever I can - not just because of the current economy but because you shouldn't have to spend money to teach your kids or have fun).

I have made a school bus to put up on our wall - here we post our lessons for the week. I make a short (say 1/2 - 1 hour in the morning) time period where I sit down with my 3 year old and we work on our "lessons" together at our little desk. I made an apron for her - this is put on for each lesson and craft activity. Firstly, this protects the clothes, and secondly, it acknowledges to her that lesson time is in session. This is something I learned from the Montessori method (for more information go to or search for Montessori).

Here is our school bus:

I have all my lessons written out on cards, which I post onto the school bus at the beginning of each week. In my "School Box" I have a series of activities for each lesson. This will be easier to understand as I start my blog. I will have a new activity posted each day. I think once I have the first week up you can then start or just use this as inspiration.

Really this is just my blog, documenting the activities I do with my kids. Enjoy!

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