Monday, June 29, 2009

First Week - Monday - Sizes


It is Monday of our first week. Here is a picture of our School Bus and our projected weekly lesson plan:

Monday is SIZES:

We are using the 4th July as inspiration for the tone of this week's lessons, since it is June 29th today. We are drawing stars of different sizes onto color paper to decorate for our 4th July picture. We are using red, white and blue craft paper, a pen, glue and glitter sprinkles.
Firstly, I draw two different sized stars onto a piece of paper. We look at the smaller star, and I have my toddler point to it.

Next, which is the bigger star?

We use the same shape to discuss sizes, so as not to confuse the toddler with too many variables.

Once we have discussed the sizes of our stars we are ready to cut them out (which I do, scissors are sharp!). I hold all three color pages together and cut as one (cutting through 3 pieces of paper to get 3 stars). We are pasting them onto another piece of paper, ready to decorate with pen (her favorite medium at the moment) and glitter (of course!!).

Here is our finished picture. I like to give it a title, date it and "sign" it (so I know who did it in 20 years time!!).

We also got inspired and made our garland (which I hang over our big window in the playroom). So the theme is 4th July stars. Again, we just used basic color craft paper, scissors, crayons, glue and glitter, and a piece of string and some tape to attach it up to the window.

I staple the stars onto the ribbon.

Once I have a few stars stapled on I hang up one end and staple up the rest. This makes it easier to figure out how long to make the ribbon and where/ how close to place the stars on the ribbon.

Ta-da! Looks very festive!

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