Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday - Shapes

Today is SHAPES day.

My 3yr old is getting really good at recognizing the basic SHAPES, so now it is time to start teaching them to my 1yr old. Start shape recognition early and it will all fall into place for them much easier as they begin to start talking (and saying) the names of the shapes.

Today we are going to do a fun printmaking activity that you can use to discuss geometric shapes with kids. We are sacrificing 2 dish sponges for our stamps, or you can buy sponge squares or Miracle Sponge Sheets and cut out your own shapes or you can buy preformed shapes.

Use sponges in a variety of different shapes. Besides circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles, you could also do a hexagon (6-sides), octagon (8-sides), diamond, oval, and any other shapes you want to show them.

Pour your paint into a shallow container (we are using margarine lids). Use a different container for each color of paint. You might also want to keep a bowl or water on hand to clean sponges and fingers!

To paint with the sponges, dip the sponge into the paint. Dab it around to cover the sponge completely and wipe off any excess paint. Now, simply press it onto the paper to make a unique print.

Discuss the different shapes and point out other places you may see these shapes.

My 3yr old also experimented with the sponge by "painting" with it - it's always good to let you little ones experiment with the different mediums you use - this encourages their creativity, and gives them confidence in their own abilities.

You can do sponge printing on other products besides paper. You can use fabric paint to make personalized clothing, towels, or bedding. Use latex paint to decorate furniture or even to personalize your walls. Be creative and have fun!

The books on our bear chair today are all about SHAPES - "I See Shapes" by Marcy Kelman - a Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries book (Scholastic), and "Spot looks at shapes" by Eric Hill (Putnam).

Here's a great catchy tune about shapes (gosh, I know I sing this at least a couple of times in my head a day! LOL - this is what happens when you have kids.)

This is a great interactive song that gets the kids thinking about and recognizing shapes quickly, and participating in the song (therefore hopefully retaining interest). Cut out some shapes (basic for younger kids, more advanced shapes for the older ones). Sit everyone in a circle. Hide the shapes behind your back, then as you sing the song bring out one shape at a time (as cued in the song).

What Shape is this?
(Sung to:
"Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush")

Do you know what shape this is,

What shape this is, what shape this is?

Do you know what shape this is

I'm holding in my hand?

Have fun!

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