Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday - Reading


Today is READING day.

On Fridays we usually go to our local library for story time, but we went to play with friends this morning, so we didn't get to go. Each week we check-out 7 or 8 books from the library to read during the week. Reading is a bedtime ritual in our household - my kids won't go to sleep (without a fight) without two books being read to them.

Often, during the day, my 3yr old will have quiet time reading on the couch, or in her bedroom (and, if lucky, maybe a little nap after).

Reading to my 1 yr old is fun too. She loves to look at the pictures, especially of other babies. She has also just started saying "baby" when she sees one - too cute! This is really her first word outside of all the family names ("Daddy" was first, then "Gigi" for her big sister, then "Mama" and "Dixie" for our cat). It is so funny watching a language progression. My 1 yr old can pronounce "Daddy" as clear as a bell, but any kind of audible "Mama" is reserved for those special 2:00am wake-up calls, or if play gets a little rough.

I love to read too - just wish I got more time. I think I'm going to reserve a time for it, starting tonight. Reading is so rewarding, relaxing and replenishes the soul! Have fun!

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