Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday - Nature


Today is NATURE day.

Our neighbor told us he has seen quite a few hummingbirds around lately and asked if we had seen any on our feeder. Oops! Haven't filled it for quite some time, so today is the perfect day to get out there and fill our feeder.

We have one in the backyard, and I bought another one for our front tree (since the girls love to look out from the playroom into the front yard).

The backyard one needs a good clean. It is really important to keep the feeders clean and change out the food every couple of days to keep the hummingbirds from getting sick.

We give the feeder a good soak and clean.

Next we mix up the food - one satchel mixes with 4 cups of water - the perfect amount for two feeders. My 3 year old helped stir the food.

Next we pour into the feeders, put on the feeding section and tops and now they are ready to be hung up outside.

Now we just have to watch and wait...Have fun!

Update - here are some photos of hummingbird feeding on the feeder! So beautiful!

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