Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wednesday - Physical Ability


Today is PHYSICAL ABILITY day - in other words - PARK DAY!!

Some days you just need to get out of the house and let your kids run out some of that endless energy! It is good for you too - clears the head, breathe in some fresh air and pretty scenery, and you don't have to look at all those dirty dishes and piles of washing!

My 1yr old is not walking yet, but the change of scenery is enjoyable and she loves watching her big sister play. I think all the things she observes is being absorbed into that innocent little mind, then one day it's all going to come out - oh please Lord, be kind to me!!!

Today we have bought the tricycle to the park - my 3 yr old has been trying to peddle this thing forever - maybe today we might see some progress!

We have some really pretty parks in our area - the best way to find parks is to look on your city's website - they usually list them on there. We are kind of doing a "park tour" - trying a new park each week. There are some real gems hidden away where you least expect them!

This one is in Euless (Texas) - McCormick Park - and it has a great pavilion (nice shade for moms to sit) and this awesome playground for the little ones!

My 3yr old also practiced on her tricycle and guess what!! She did it - first time and she was as proud as punch!! That even sidewalk helped, as did the little push I gave her. She is just now strong enough to be able to push the pedals by herself. Pretty cool!

So when the weather is nice, or you just need to get out of the house head to a local park - and have fun!

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