Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday - Concentration


Monday is CONCENTRATION day!

Today I have set up a simple card-matching game for my 3yr old. This helps with object recognition, shape matching, and, of, course, concentration.

I think I received these cards free with a Scholastic book, but I'm sure something similar is available to buy at a toy or book store, or they would be very easy to make. Each card has two sides, the left side has a number + another number of objects (e.g. 2 cars + 3 cars = 5 cars). The right side is the total (5 cars). We are not using them today for addition (a little advanced for my 3yr old just yet!), but just as a matching game. Each card has a unique matching shape, so only the correct card will match with one other card.

Firstly, I matched them all up to show my little one how it works and to also make sure we had all matching cards.

Then, I jumbled them all up.

Now, it's her turn to match them.

All matched! What an accomplishment!

My 3yr old had a fun time matching the fish with the fish, the bugs with the bugs, etc, etc and really had to concentrate as there were 2 of each type, each one only matching its unique pair. Getting a child to spend some time at a game is an important skill - it helps their concentration skills and their confidence when they realize they can do it! Have fun!

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