Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Week - Friday - Kindness


Friday is KINDNESS day. I know this one is a little early, but we have a holiday weekend to celebrate! So here is Friday one day early!

Kindness is something that needs to be taught. I have a 3 year old and a one year old and there are many, many, many times throughout the day that I ask my 3 year old to please (please!) be kind to your little sister!! Sometimes she gets it and quickly says sorry for whatever made her little sister cry (or scream) and gives her a very cute (& kind) kiss and cuddle. And there are also times when it's just straight back into it, and you just have to give them a little separate time.

Kindness is something I try to encourage, talk about, participate in, live by example, etc, every day for my kids. I explained to my 3yr old, just this past Monday, why I was dropping off dinner to a new Mom - "We need to help new moms out when they bring their baby home by making them a nice dinner, so they don't have to worry about it. It is a kind thing to do, a nice thing to do - that way they can look after themselves and their little baby."

I also get my 3year old to participate in "acts of kindness" each week by helping me feed the birds (we fill up the bird feeder in the front yard - also get to see the birds from the playroom window - added benefit!).

And she LOVES helping me feed Dixie, our cat. She takes such pride in carefully scooping out the food into the scooper, and so carefully walking it over to the cat dish, and putting it in there without spilling one piece! Then she'll call out for Dixie (who always comes running anytime she hears anything even remotely like her food anyway!) and lets her know her food is ready and to eat it all up (believe me, this cat needs no encouragement!).

And merry wishes you all for a very Happy (& safe) 4th July weekend - we can't wait to see the fireworks with Grandma & Grandpa up at Lake Texoma!
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