Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday - Reading


Today is READING day.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. My 3yr old has always loved reading. We read everyday during the day, and every night before bed. We go to our local library every week to get out 7 new books - one for each day (although we always end up reading them all on the first day, then re-reading them for the rest of the week). I set up a lovely little reading corner in our playroom next to the bookcase (we also LOVE Half Price Books!), so the kids have the perfect spot for some quiet time to read their favorite books.

The love of reading is something so easy to encourage and is so rewarding to your kids. Start by reading to your baby when they are first born, babies love to hear the sound of your voice, and simple pictures will capture their attention. Make reading part of your daily routine, whether it is during the day before naptime, in the morning, or the classic bedtime story. My 3yr old has entertained herself for long periods of time (when she needs some quiet time by herself) by just sitting in her chair and "reading" her books.

Today we are going to make a simple book. Using basic craft paper, we are going to write a little story, authored by my very own 3yr old. This should be interesting!

We fold three pieces of color craft paper in half to make our book.

My 3yr old then dictates her story to me. Today's story is all about a favorite subject at the moment, HOT DOGS!

We give our story a title...

And then add in some pictures...

To put the book together I firstly tape the spine on each page to reinforce it.

Then I fold it at the top and hole punch it, and do the same at the bottom so you end up with four holes.

Then thread some ribbon or yarn through the holes and tie, and Wella! your very own book!

Now you can both sit back, relax and read all about the "Hot Dog Cake" or whatever your little one comes up with. Have fun!

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