Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday - Concentration


Today is CONCENTRATION day. Ha, try to get a toddler to concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes and you have a miracle, right? I guess you just need to pick the right activity, one which is interesting enough to capture their attention, and challenging enough to keep them occupied for a little bit of time.

So today we are doing a little obstacle course. You can stick down a line (maybe with duct tape), do it on tiles, or (like me) use books or other objects.

Firstly, I am using the books (spacing them out) so she can walk in between them. We do a regular-walk-in-between-all-the-books walk, then running, then on tiptoes! Then all my 3yr old wanted to do was walk on them (like stepping stones).

So next we changed it to objects to walk around, run around, chase around - it was fun!

Next, we tried a "balance beam" routine along the carpet seam/edge. My 3yr old is currently doing a gymnastics class at the local recreational center, and LOVES it! They've done the uneven bars and balance beam so far, plus hopping and a somersault roll.

It takes concentration to balance on the "beam", and walk on tiptoes, and, of course, to keep running through the object when you are being chased by your Mommy! Have fun!

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