Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday - Time


Today is TIME day. Hmmm, this is a complex concept to teach a little kid, so we will start with something easy, like night and day.

We are doing two pictures - one night-time, and the other representing day-time - using craft paper, glow-in-the-dark stars (from WalMart), scissors, glue stick, heavy card for the backing, and I have added in some scrapbook pretty paper for the bird and some butterfly stickers.

Trace moon shape with large circle object, then trace another circle inside original one to get the crescent moon.

Stick the glow-in-the-dark stars onto the page - kids love stickers! I bought this pack from WalMart - it was cheap for a lot of stars (we still have tons for other future projects). And using non-toxic kid safe glue stick, stick on the moon.

We put an owl in our picture since owls are nocturnal. We are using brown and orange - just trace out an owl shape on one color and the eyes, nose and tummy on another color (NOTE: I redid my eyes and nose so it was all one piece - easier to cut out and easier for the little ones to use the glue stick on).

We then decorated our owl, adding in eyes and circle around the eyes, border around the tummy and some dots on his tummy. We also cut out a basic tree limb for our owl to sit on and then stuck everything onto our page.

Then we stuck our page onto the heavy cardboard.

Next was our Day sheet. We traced out the sun using a yogurt container (which I love to keep for painting days for paint).

We cut out some clouds and glued them on.

Next we selected out some pretty paper for our bird.

I also had some butterfly stickers and thought they would be perfect for this project so we used a couple from one sheet.

Once we had everything finished and stuck down I put both pictures under a pile of heavy books to get everything to dry flat.

Once it was dry I stapled the drawings together (backs together) right at the very edges at the top and bottom. I also stuck a piece of ribbon in between the boards and stapled the ribbon and boards together at the very top. This is so we can hang it up once completed (to admire, of course!).

Next I glued some ribbon on the top and bottom edges so as to hide the staples, and look pretty! :)

And finally - completed project. As we were constructing this project we talked about the moon and the stars and how they only come out at night, and about the sun - when we see the sun it is day time! We now hang up our completed project in our playroom and change it over when it is night, then when we get up in the morning we will change it over to the day time picture.

Got a little carried away with my trimming and trimmed too much bird away - oh well - still looks cute! Have fun!

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