Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday - Colors


Today is COLORS day.

We are making a dinosaur today. My 3yr old loves to color. She'll color her fingernails, the tips of her fingers, her arms, her feet, oh, and eventually the paper!

We are using:
  • neon yellow poster board
  • washable markers
  • crayons
  • star stickers
  • googly eye
  • dinosaur template
  • scissors
  • fastener

I found a dinosaur in a book and copied it onto paper, to cut out our dinosaur template. The dinosaur has a body and two separate legs, which will be attached later once we have finished decorating it. Google dinosaurs - there are heaps of images out there to copy! Or go to your local library - it would be a cool idea to also get out a dinosaur book to read together too!

Dinosaurs can be any color you wish! Explore the colors together - point out the colors your child is using. The more exposure to words and their association, the quicker kids pick up on them. My 3yr old knows a lot of colors. We talk about them, point them out, and ask "what color is that" everyday. I even do it with my 1yr old, who also loves to draw. They are never too young to start learning.

Once I had all the pieces cut out it was onto the fun part - decorating. We used washable pens (the washable part is a must for toddlers - I know mine gets pen everywhere), crayons, stickers and a googly eye.

Once completed, I put our dinosaur together. I did mine with wire and buttons, but then also bought fasteners (got mine from Hobby Lobby) and these worked much better (easier & quicker).

What a good looking dinosaur! Have fun!

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