Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Week - Wednesday - Craft


Today is CRAFT day so we are really just limited by our imagination! I want to continue making the horses' craft project by Ann Wood, which we found on this wonderful blog I have a spot in my kitchen eating area just perfect to display them, so I guess I need to get busy...

Here is our finished horse for today, and I have reposted the original post, with instructions, etc for you to reference more easily! (well I ran out of wire for these projects - will finish tomorrow and post my pictures up).

Making Horses

Found this wonderful blog, and on there was this great craft project by Ann Wood that I though would be great to do with my 3 year old.

Basically you are making little cardboard horses to hang up on the wall (or wherever you fancy!). Ann Wood made this project with a goal to make 100 of these horses. They look awesome all together in a group (as Ann Wood has done), and can be done over a period of time. I also really like the idea she had of naming her horses and numbering them. I name and number mine and also date it, and put my little helper's name on it too!

My little girl loved drawing on her horse. We are also going to paint some another day, and I think I'm going to do a few of my own as well. I have the perfect spot in my breakfast area to put them up on the wall. I'm going to theme mine - architectural print on one (from my few years of study that I managed to do), ocean (love the beach), woods, etc, etc.

Love this idea - will update as we do more but here are a few pictures to start. Please check out the design sponge website for all the details on how to make them ( - all credit goes to Ann Wood, of course!

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