Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday - Reading


Today is READING day. My 3yr old loves to read and we read a lot! During the day we take reading breaks, in the afternoon she has quiet time on her bed with a pile of books (naps went out the window about 3 months ago!), and there is also the classic must-have-or-I-won't-go-to-sleep 2 books before bedtime.

As part of the reading experience we learn about shapes and colors and sizes and LETTERS! The first letter she recognized (all by herself!) was G (first initial of her name). Now she is proficient at writing a G, and has also moved onto other letters.

So today we have some alphabet cards to look at and copy the letters, in a relaxed "just drawing a picture" kind of way. No pressure works best for us. As soon as she loses interest we move onto something else, or just allow her the freedom to explore what we were doing further, by herself. I give the directions and freedom for her to take forward at her own pace.

My sister sent us this beautiful box of alphabet cards from Corban & Blair - very cute! You can do this with a book or just by writing out the letters yourself and getting your little one to copy them. Explain the letter, think of words starting with that letter and show pictures of the object too. The more exposure you give little ones to words, letter and reading the quicker they pick it up and become interested in it.

We sit at our little table with the cards, some paper and a pen (her preferred medium!), and away we go.

First letter is "G" (no surprise there - her favorite letter!)

Now some freedom to draw out the "G" just however she wants to. Oh, squiggly lines - pretty.

Next is a capital "I" - wow - great job!

She even did a little "i".

Some more drawing.

And that one top left is an "F"...a very tall "F". Oh, and another "G" - this time on the hand.

Not a bad effort for a 3yr old?

Every kid learns at their own pace - have patience and perserverance, and in time your efforts will be rewarded. And remember to have fun!

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