Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday - Curiosity


Today is CURIOSITY day. Toddlers are, of course, curious by nature, but sometimes we need to harness this wonderful emotion into designated tasks of exploration, investigation, and learning.

We are doing a very simple project today involving stickers (I think all kids LOVE stickers) and some color craft paper and a crayon (or pencil).

I bought some stickers from WalMart - my 3yr old picked out the princess ones. Allow your toddler to select his or her favorite stickers - this helps with decision making, and they will be excited to get home and sit down to do their project.

Since princess stickers were our selection I drew a basic castle on the craft paper and let my toddler decide where to put the stickers. At first she was curious about the picture - "Oh, that's a castle!", "Look there's a window", then about placement of the stickers "Where will I put the Princess?".

Her curiosity kept her occupied with the project to it's completion - two very fine looking "Princesses and their Castles" pictures (she liked the first one so much we had to do another one!).

Remember kids' craft does not have to be expensive or complex to keep kids entertained.

You can also try to just use color dots for this project - divide the page into quarters and challenge you child to put only one color dots in each square, draw a squiggly line and have your child "trace" over it with the dots, or make a smiley face with the dots, or decorate you own picture, like we did.

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